Why start a dad blog?

Although only 2% of dads eligible for shared parental leave take more than 2 weeks off, it seems that the daddy-day-care topic from the media has been bombarding me lately with the ever growing number of blogs written by stay at home dads. Actually now i come to think of it most have been passed on to me by my wife hoping that the text within will somehow make our sudden lifestyle change seem more familiar and less terrifying. Clever how she’s made me feel like I’ve found them myself.

You see, we just uprooted our family from London to Warwickshire for my wife’s career and the promise of a better lifestyle for our little one. I’ve quit my job as a sound engineer to take on daddy-day-care for the foreseeable future (something I keep telling myself will only be 3-6months) before we work out what we are going to do moving forward with child care.

After reading a few of the articles sent to me I thought to myself, ‘is this something I want to do?’ I weighed up the pros and cons:


  • I’d look like the modern man, making all the other yummy mummies swoon with my cooking and gorgeous daughter.
  • I’d be part of a new blogging zeitgeist that all these articles seem to be going on about. Kudos to me.


  • I’m not particularly good at putting my thoughts down if I have any, which is rare.
  • When on Earth do these bloggers get the time to do all this writing anyway?
  • If I do get time do I really want to be spending it writing or would I rather spend the time watching Game of Thrones?

I decided against the idea mostly out of apathy. I was going to be busy bringing my daughter up and my spare time would be mine and I wasn’t going to waste it writing a blog with the same stuff other bloggers were writing.

Two weeks into daddy-day-care I realised something.

There’s only so many times I can play peekaboo, throw my daughter in the air, sit her up, let her fall, sit her up again, let her fall, read the same book again, and again and again.

It turns out being a stay at home dad can be boring. I re-evaluated my position and here I am. It’s still a test really, there may not be many posts but now I’m at the end of my first one, I actually quite enjoyed it.



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