Meet the Parents

Solicitors are not good people. Maybe that’s a little harsh. Solicitors are, at best, lazy people. Sorry solicitors (well not really) but it’s true.

I won’t bore you with all the details but because of the above statements of fact our lives are currently in a couple of storage units somewhere in the UK and our small family have moved in with my folks. What could have been a temporary one week set back has turned into an unnecessarily long debacle reminiscent of Lost seasons 2-6.

It’s fair to say that part of the reason we’re moving up to the Midlands is because we’ve realised that having grandparents a little closer would be beneficial for Millie. I don’t just mean the possibility of child care, we both feel that it’s important that our daughter grows up knowing her family. However, it’s also worth pointing out that being at least 30 minutes away was also a stipulation. For me, far enough away that we can’t just drop in on each other but close enough when we need each other constitutes a healthy relationship.

We’ve now been living here four whole weeks. ‘NIGHTMARE!’ – is just a word that might spring to mind while picturing yourselves living with your parents or worse, the in-laws.

Before I say anything further, here are just some of the things you may have heard were you a fly on the wall here over the past few weeks:

  • “When we had you we fed you solids from about 3 months she’s probably starving.”
  • “What is all this baby led nonsense just give her some purée.”
  • “Why can’t you dress her in pink so she doesn’t look like a boy?”
  • “Those babycup’s look stupid just use a normal baby cup like we used to.”
  • “We didn’t have baby monitors in my day. You’d hear the baby cry anyway.”

‘Nightmare’ of course is also a word that could be used to describe us and what we’ve inflicted on them thus far. My mum has got to have undiagnosed OCD, the slightest upset to the house aesthetic and she can’t let it be so it can’t be easy for her. There are baby toys everywhere; the kitchen is full of baby bottles, bibs, Tupperware, milk powder and not a small amount of coffee brewing equipment (that ones mine). We’ve taken over two bedrooms that we don’t keep too tidy, we are filling the fridge and freezer with baby food and breast milk, and let’s not forget we have a 6 month old that wakes up at silly times of night screaming Blue Monday (or is it blue murder?). Oh, and during my first week here I also put my hand through their bedroom wall. It was an accident before you go inventing stories, I fell, honest.

Turns out  even with all of it’s inconveniences ‘Nightmare’ is not a word either party would use to describe the time we’ve had together. My parents remind me of Ben Stiller’s parents in the film Meet the Fockers. Mum’s not quite a sex therapist and they don’t hang a hat on the door but they aren’t far off. That’s not the only similarity, they also love babies and are amazing with Millie! They both have days at home during their working week and have made my first few weeks of daddy-day-care so much more enjoyable because they’ve been here, playing with, feeding, reading to and getting to know the newest addition to their family.

I guess this post is really a massive thank you to them then.

Thanks Mum & Dad, you’ve made a rather stressful time in our life so much easier to deal with and when the nightmare solicitors finally sort out our move we’ll be sad to be leaving. 30 mins away suddenly feels a little too far.


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