Rollin’ On

Another year of my life has rolled by, I’m now officially mid 30’s!

This past month living with my parents, waiting for our house exchange to finally come through has felt a lot like limbo and I don’t mean the ‘how low can you go’ variety. The wait for the next step; a new life, new job, new family home, big television, washing machine, compact disc players, and electrical tin can openers, (#cultfilmref) has been unbearable.

But no more. We move tomorrow. Woohoo!

Reflecting back on our month here, past all the 1st world problems we’ve shared and things one might overhear in Waitrose; (“I’m so annoyed we haven’t got the Perfect Prep Machine“, “How are we going to do dinner without the Thermomix“, “I’ve left all the nappies in storage“, “my parents don’t have Sichuan peppercorns“) we’ve taken each day as it comes and without a new home to organise, the time has been somewhat of a holiday. You know, a holiday? You don’t have all your clothes, or your favourite shoes, you’ve forgotten your coat and swimwear, you’re living out of a bag but you have a great time all the same.

I  realise only now that compared to any other month, the 5.5-6.5 month age period Millie has had here has been the month she’s developed exponentially. And what a great month it’s been. My first in full time daddy-day-care, and with nothing pressing to sort in our non-existent home life, I’ve been able to spend my time concentrating solely on her.

She babbles more and more each day, trying to communicate like an Englishman abroad, louder and louder the more we don’t understand; she’s started food which, as a keen cook is just so much fun to be a part of and she tastes everything! Since arriving here she’s gone from not rolling at all to rolling both ways and multiple times, over and over. Before this week, the play mat we had was a comforting island, a safe haven, there was no way she’d be leaving it’s borders for more exotic climes. Now, I leave the room for a second and she’s off, sailing across the terracotta ocean that is my parents living room carpet. She now bounces constantly just while holding her since we got a Jumperoo. At first she didn’t know what to do in it but she soon worked it out and there’s no stopping her now (until she’s so worn out she falls asleep in it). Perhaps the best thing of all for her parents sanity is that she is now, albeit occasionally, sleeping through. Who knew that anything more than 5 hours counts as sleeping through? I always thought that meant a good 10 hours!

Our time at my parents, stuck like a piece of bubblegum to the pavement waiting for the right shoe to come along and pick us up, has been invaluable. It’s already given me the time to get to know my daughter better than I did and it’s made me realise how great the challenge of being a stay at home dad is going to be. When I think about the next few months and even years in our new family home, my feelings have transformed from a little disturbed to totally delighted.


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